Defiance beta key giveaway: a sci-fi MMO shooter with a TV series and a touch of Monster Hunter

What are you doing this weekend? Is it more fun than battling skyscraping Hellbugs amid the twisted ruins of the Golden Gate Bridge with thousands of other players in a persistent open world future-San Francisco?

For the purposes of this exciting beta key giveaway post, let us assume you answered in the negative. But dry your eyes! The imminent Defiance beta weekend can supply all your cooperative Hellbug vanquishing needs! Defiance is a thirdperson sci-fi shooter that looks to be a one part PlanetSide to one part Monster Hunter - both good parts to have. It also comes with an accompanying TV show, courtesy of the Syfy channel. You can find out how such a thing fits together yourself by snagging one of the 100 beta keys we have to give away.

Let me into this weekend's Defiance beta!

This beta event starts on Friday at 4pm GMT and concludes on Monday at 5am GMT. Codes will go out via email once the giveaway wraps up on Friday. Keys can be redeemed when you sign up with your Trian account at the Defiance site , where you'll find lots more information on this promising shooter.

In the meantime, here's a trailer to whet your appetite. Mmm! Delicious Hellbugs.