Have a free Steam key for retro platformer 8BitBoy

8 Bit Boy 1

8BitBoy is an affectionate tribute to Nintendo's famous plumber and his jumpy-stompy adventures. Featuring 56 levels and hundreds of secrets hidden across five worlds, 8BitBoy is a nostalgic trip back in time and a perfectly entertaining platformer in its own right. It's this week's big giveaway, so read on for your free Steam key.

We have hundreds of thousands of copies to give away. We're running the giveaway with Bundle Stars, which is launching two bundles a day this week as Bundle Fest 3 continues. Today the Retro Legends Bundle complements 8BitBoy's bouncy charm nicely with action from Duke Nukem and Carmageddon. The All Stars 3 bundle is also live, featuring STALKER, Worms and One Finger Death Punch.

To grab your free Steam key simply follow the instructions in the box below, and come back next Monday for our next big free Steam key giveaway.


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