Rock Of Ages trailer not balderdash

Graham Smith at

Because balderdash sounds a bit like boulder dash. See?

Half of you - the half of you we like - will remember last year's Zeno Clash, the first-person brawler where you punched hideous pigfaces in a Dali-esque fantasy world while escaping from your hermaphroditic FatherMother. It was great. Now Chilean developers ACE Team have announced their next game, Rock of Ages.

It places two players on opposite ends of a thin strip of land and has them build castles and elephants and an enormous boulder with a face. Then, when a player finishes constructing their grinning rock, they get to steer it downhill towards their enemy, smashing through castles and crushing elephants on the way. It looks fantastic: each level takes place in a different era of art history, and all the little people are hopping paper cutouts. It's like a storybook combined with throwing rocks at a storybook.

Rock of Ages will be available through digital distribution next Spring. Check out the trailer and some screenshots below.