OmniBus to release next week, special edition includes real bus

As in, a bus that you can drive to the shops.

OmniBus, aka the game about the bus that couldn't slow down, is releasing on May 26. In case you missed it, I played a bit of an early build a couple of months ago, and found it to be very stupid but also reasonably fun. It's not often that a game lets you smash a bus through giant bowling pins, so we should be grateful it exists, really.

Typically, there are a bunch of incentives for you to buy OmniBus quickly: the day one "Game of the Year" edition comes with a 10 per cent discount on Steam. Meanwhile, there's the Ultimate Bus Driver edition, which comes with the game's digital soundtrack and a real life bus. 

Yeah, a real life bus. It's a 1977 MCI Charter Bus, and I don't know how much buses usually cost in the United States, but I'm tempted to assume that the $7,500 asking price for the Ultimate Bus Driver edition is a bit of a bargain. You'll have to pick it up from Austin, Texas, though.

That's the bus on the right in the below picture. Looks like a pretty neat bus.

...and here's a picture of another 1977 MCI Charter Bus (not the exact one offered), which I found on the usefully titled Used Buses For Sale website. You gotta admit, it looks like a pretty sweet bus.