Nosgoth 4.0 update adds a new map

There's a new update for Nosgoth, Square Enix's free-to-play human-vs-vampire PvP battler. This time, the fighting's spread to a new location—the vampire-controlled forges and workshops of The Crucible. It's part gothic, part industrial, and all full of angry people trying to kill you.

Here's a video preview of the new map:

Also in update 4.0, a new skin. The "Evolved Skin" is unlocked for the Deceiver on reaching level 25 with the class. It was designed by Legacy of Kain artist Daniel Cabuco, and looks like this:

Screenshot 2015 03 24 18 27 33 1 20small

Nosgoth is available to play now, for free, in Steam Early Access.


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