No Man's Sky reportedly delayed

Ginormous space adventure won't release next month, apparently.

No Man's Sky, aka The Game I Desperately Hope Is Not Delayed, has reportedly been delayed. Kotaku is reporting that retailer Gamestop has been instructed to amend the release date on promotional posters with "coming soon". Another unnamed "reliable" source has also confirmed the delay. One of these sources claims that the space adventure is likely to release in July or August.

It's true that marketing for the game has been a bit quiet of late, but with E3 around the corner, that didn't seem too ominous until now. It's disappointing if true, but these delays are usually in service to the quality of the game, and besides: there is no lack of other games to play right now. (You could play this lo-fi take on the space exploration theme). 

Still, the delay hasn't been officially confirmed by Hello Games or Sony, so don't go cancelling your June holidays just yet. In the meantime, here's what Chris Livingston thought after spending a bit of time with the game. 


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