New Overwatch footage shows the teleporting Tracer

By jove, that accent! It's nails to the chalkboard of my British ears. A shame, too, because judging from Tracer's set of skills, she's probably the Overwatch character I'll be using the most.

Tracer's main skill is a blink that will teleport her horizontally a short distance. More interesting, though, is Recall. It "rewinds" her, returning her to the location, health and ammo state of a few seconds before. Her ultimate is a sticky bomb, which you can see used to great effect in the video above.

Anyway, I'm a big fan of FPS characters that move in interesting ways, and Tracer certainly fits that bill. She's the fifth character Blizzard has released unedited match footage of. The others are Hanzo, McCree, Mercy and Zenyatta.


Phil has been PC gaming since the '90s, when RPGs had dice rolls and open world adventures were weird and French. Now he's the deputy editor of PC Gamer; commissioning features, filling magazine pages, and knowing where the apostrophe goes in '90s. He plays Scout in TF2, and isn't even ashamed.
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