Heroes of Newerth giveaway winners, and their bizarre hero concepts

Lucas Sullivan



Well folks, it's been a week's time , and the results are in: SW4Y1N, Caecus, MassCreed, revanxp, Nyoron, smalltrouble, Gilgafish, kestrel150, Godunderscor and Felverick are the ten lucky winners of a free copy of Heroes of Newerth, and will be contacted shortly. Thanks to everyone who entered, and made my Friday afternoon that much funnier! But what if you want to know why these people won? What was their concept that amused me so? There's only one way to find out. Read on to delve into the visions of madmen—or are they geniuses?

SW4Y1N says:

I believe that a "My Little Pony," hero is in order here. Obviously, their first skill would be a passive buff to all friendly players within a 15m radius, which turns them all pink and impossible to attack until they attack you, a friendly creep, or tower. Next would be a "Target Entity," skill which would be "Rainbow Blast," in which a a flow of rainbow is fired out of the rear end of the pony and deals damage to a single target. She possesses a "Target Position," skill which is called "Flower Power Gallop," this helps her close the distance between her and her foe and stuns them from one second up to three and a half seconds depending on skill level if they are within a 5m radius, this sets up her last skill which is a "Target Self," skill and is called "Cute Ultra-Pink Unicorn," a horn grows out of her head and for 30 seconds she deals massive melee damage and a small amount of splash damage to any surrounding enemies on contact. She obviously is a melee style champion which attempts to stomp out her victims in cute, yet deadly style.

Lucas says: I've somehow been accused in the PC Gamer office of being a furry by fellow intern Anthony Valva. It's not true, I tell you. Giving props for feminine, anthropomorphic ponies certainly won't help my case.

Caecus says:

I´d like to see a "Giant Squirrel" Keeper skin. It could set small squirrels as eyes on trees, summon some to attach leaves to allied units rendering them invis near a tree, using other squirrels as support(like sitting on allied units shoulders) and as its ultimate, a huge amount of squirrels appears jumping on enemys biting them and holding them down. As its sound squealing would be recommended.

Lucas says: If Logan played HoN, this would be his avatar of choice. And that ultimate sounds like the worst way to go.

MassCreed says:

Pocket Lint

Lucas says: What is this I don't even

Champion of Newerth!

revanxp says:

I'd love to see rebecca blacksmith alt avatar

Lucas says: It's Friday. Friday. Gotta multi-cast on Friday. While many attempted the fabled Rebecca Black joke, only revanxp saw the connection between the infamous pop sensation and one of HoN's troll-iest heroes, complete with a fitting name.

smalltrouble says:

I would like a avatar of a fat man eating some food while fighting off enemies.

Lucas says: Who is this man? What's his motivation? How could this man ever be defined as a "hero?" I need to know this man's story.

Gilgafish says:

Doctor (Hipster) Repulsor

Some of his catch phrases include:

My mustache is ironic.

I'm vegan now.

Swords are too mainstream. I prefer magnets.

I got this hat at Goodwill for $1.00.

Toy Story 2 was okay.

I fight with magnets. Bitches love magnets.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.

Lucas says: It seems that mocking hipsters is now hip. How do you like them apples?

kestrel150 says:

Dark Astley

Attack 1: Always gonna give you up- Dark Astley gives up a team mate to the enemy, and gains a Damage boost from doing so

Attack 2: Always gonna let you down- Dark Astley fires into the air with an enemy, then lets go of them and dances in the air, doing 125% Damage and gaining a...speed...boost?

Attack 3: Always gonna run around and Desert you- Dark Astley changes team for a round, and gains all their bonuses

Attack 4: Always gonna tell a lie and hurt you- Dark Astley whispers to the enemy that untold riches lie over a hill nearby. the enemy walks over the hill and sees a person, who says: "IM A FIRING MA LASERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" doing 250% damage to the enemy, and stunning them in surprise for 3 rounds

Lucas says: That third ability is actually ingenious. Switching sides to grief your new "allies" for a short time? S2, make that happen!


Nyoron says:

I would add Mr. Betty. He used to be known by the name Master Pain, but now he says he's become "A happy man with happy feelings, all of the time" and will from now on be refered to as .. Betty. I'll let him introduce himself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz1rjq5emKY

His weapon of choice is martial arts and his ulti is a claw on a chain with unlimited range and drags the target towards Betty. Betty then tells the target a joke before it's inevitable death. "First a joke. What do you get when you cross an owl with a bungie cord? ... my ass! nyeheahehehe." Then he cuts off their big toe and kills you.

Lucas says: How it warms my heart to see someone else appreciating the much-despised Kung Pow: Enter the First. Tiger. Tiger. Birdie.

Godunderscor says:

Dr. Robotnik Tempest.

Lucas says: Pingas!

Felverick says:

Classic concept: A stork. He could wield babies in sacks as weapons and perhaps even throw pickles for some sort of slow attack.

Lucas says: My personal favorite. If this hero were in HoN, I would play as him every day.

Thanks again to everyone who entered. Even if you didn't win, you can still play HoN for free until Sunday night! If you haven't tried it yet, now's the perfect time.

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