Hawken map overview takes mech warfare to the Front Line

Phil Savage


I feel a bit guilty watching this video overview of the new Hawken map Front Line. Here's level designer Tyler Buser giving a full tour of the chokepoints, cover areas, symmetrical avenues, contestable turrets and vertical combat zones that the team have painstakingly worked on. And yet, when I inevitably blunder into the map, my appreciation for their effort will be replaced with thoughts like: "there's another robot. I'm going to shoot it. Hooray I shot it!"

At least the part of my brain that is overjoyed at robots and explosions will be able to appreciate the crisp and colourful design of the map - especially amid the brownish-grey battlezones that have dominated Hawken up to now. Front Line was released as part of the recent Facility update, and is available to play in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Missile Assault.

Thanks, Polygon .

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