Free games of the week


This week, like every week, we stare at our screens for ages—but in many cases without touching a single button. That's right: someone has finally invented the interaction-free game, or 'screen-saver' if you will. The 'screen-saver' allows you to experience games without playing them—leaving your hands free to read the paper or to take a sip of Darjeeling—and I'm almost certain they'll catch on.

vectorLocust Deluxe 2015 by JPH Wacheski


JPH Wacheski makes the best ZGameEditor games, including this first-person shooter made with abstract vector graphics. It's an ominous, atmospheric game set in a featureless void, and it's worth experiencing to see how pretty it is in motion. Your shield is also your ammo counter in vectorLocust, adding a fun element of risk/reward to proceedings.

QuikDate by Giant Evil Robot


Find a lover with this funny dating app sim, which contains all the hilarity, disappointment and disillusion of the real thing, without the possibility of meeting the person of your dreams. OR the possibility of enduring a horrible date, so it's swings and roundabouts really.

Sequence by Galen Drew


Screensaver Jam was a thing, and Sequence is one of the best entries I've played. In it, you stare at a peaceful mountain as night turns to day, weather occurs, and the various tree shadows move around delightfully. Pretty mesmerising stuff.

Terra Curiositatis by Jonas Mumm


Watch a group of treasure hunters hard at work in Terra Curiostasi...Terra Curiosatia...Terra whatever. After generating a patch of earth, and maybe picking a new colour palette, watch as the excavators dig for a lovely treasure chest, stashing the dirt in a big truck, before constructing a scaffold to haul the loot out of the ground. If it's all going a bit slow, you can speed up time at the touch of a button.

Computer Dreams Screensaver Pack by Pol Clarissou

Computer Dreams

There are lots of interesting screensavers in the jam, including Devine Lu Linvega's hypnotic Domestic Moire, but if you're a fan of Pol Clarissou (Orchids to Dusk), and your screen is in dire need of saving, give these a download. Like many of the entries, you can use them as actual screensavers—that is, if you can bear to part with the Windows starfield.