Free games of the week

After School by Atelier Sento

After School

Every day after school, a girl walks by a boy's house and tries to pluck up the courage to talk to him. I won't spoil whether she does or not, but this a lovely, sweet short story about longing, presented with extraordinary watercolour art.

Who Must Die by Antoine Gargasson, Elouan Harmand, Quentin Thevenard, Joachim Hansott, EIllan Le Corre

Who Must Die

I don't think the execution quite lives up to the idea here, but what an idea. Three patients are locked up in separate rooms, one infected with a mystery virus, and you have to determine who that is and shoot them dead for some reason. You'll fathom your randomly generated suspect by observing their behaviour through TV screens, which display loomed FMV footage of the three patients. You can release 'calm' or 'angry' gas, change the music, or send a guy in to bash them about a bit, and though I don't quite understand how all that correlates to the virus, the room around you offers a few badly translated hints. If the pressure of the decision gets to you, or you can't find the quit button, you can choose to off yourself instead.

EXLCOM by Crruzi


Well it's XCOM, but in Excel. And it's surprisingly fully featured, boasting destructible terrain, a level editor and more. Creator Crruzi says that he "wanted to create something in VBA to practice coding in that language and I like XCOM - so why not make an XCOM game? EXLCOM works just like any other XCOM game - you know, shoot aliens, save the world, that kinda stuff." He's underselling it a fair bit—I mean, just look at it.

Orchid to Dusk by Pol Clarissou

Orchids to Dusk

A wonderful, wonderful game about a crashed astronaut with only minutes left to live. How you spend them is up to you, but you should probably walk around a bit and explore the alien landscape, which is home to oases, rolling desert...and what are those things on the ground? This is sort of a multiplayer game, but I'll leave it to you to figure out how.

Bombmans by Raattis


In the absence of an official PC port of Super Bomberman, I'll take this: it's Bomberman recreated in Pico-8. Do you want to play Bomberman recreated in Pico-8? Of course you do, because Bomberman is one of the best local multiplayer games ever made.