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This week belongs to GBJam, during which over 400 developers made games in the mould of GameBoy titles, meaning lots of yellow and green, and chunky pixels. Read on for that, plus some other games with a few more colours to spare. Enjoy!

Lurk by Anil Demir, Andrés Ruiz Bernabeu, Ted Wennerström

The room layouts get a little repetitive in Lurk, and there are few loose ends to some of its systems, but this is an otherwise accomplished roguelike set in a cute little dungeon, and with cute little sprites. You have 30 days to stop a curse from killing you, and while that number never seemed to decrease in my game, I had a few fun minutes of turn-based battling in search of a potential cure.

Tiny Town Saga by chilly_durango

Tiny Town Saga is like the town hub from a typical JRPG, but without any of the faff around it: the battles, the epic quest, the equipment... that's all gone. What's left is a small, well-built world full of people to talk to and minigames to play; however, the main thing I like about this game is the scrumptious day-night cycle. When night begins to set in, your vision range will shrink before your character's eyes, eventually reducing to a tiny circle that barely illuminates their surroundings. it's a beautiful effect, and it's equally as wonderful seeing night turn into dawn.

You're in Space by adamgryu

You're in space in You're in Space, a game about being in space. It's not actually that, however: it's a first-person action game where you have to pick up and punt objects to defeat enemies. First-person chucking, as it turns out, is a heck of a lot of fun, particularly when it's supported by sticky gravity physics and a lovely revolving world. Yeah OK so this probably wouldn't have run on an actual GameBoy, but as Gunpei Yokoi isn't here to conclusively prove that, You're in Space gets a pass in my book.

Kyrie Eleison by Buxtejor

Not a GBJam game, Kyrie Eleison nonetheless feels distinctly old-fashioned, like something that might have come out on the Amiga. It's a sorta-metroidvania that reminds of Locomalito's L'Abbaye des Morts, but with more detailed art, perhaps a more involved world, and with a blurry visual filter I quite like (but that can be turned off). Spiders, traps, and other things determined to murder you lie in wait.

The Case of Scary Shadows by Ticklebot

You're your own worst enemy in this co-op-but-with-yourself platformer, which asks you to collect stray bits of fruit, but that soon introduces a deadly shadow player who copies all your moves. Specifically, it copies all your moves from a few seconds ago, meaning you need to be mindful of your actions, even as you're performing those actions, so that they don't come back to haunt you in a few moments' time. Yeah so I was terrible at this, but you might fare better, particularly if you're adept at multitasking.

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