Exclusive reveal of 11 new cards coming in WoW TCG's next set, Tomb of the Forgotten

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We've been playing a lot of card games around the office lately, and the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game is our current favorite. (I may never forgive Gavin for killing my character as Onyxia in our most recent raid.)

Cryptozoic's next set for the game, Tomb of the Forgotten , is inspired by the Uldum zone added to the MMO with Cataclysm. It releases on Tuesday, June 12, and we've got the first look at 11 cards in the set, including the fan-favorite Harrison Jones.

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Boundless Winter

This Death Knight ability isn't taken from the MMO and is a good example of Cryptozoic's ability to work outside WoW's pool of abilities in the new set. The resource cost (found at the top-left corner of the card and indicates how many resources you must spend to use the card) is high, but this'll be great for late-game when you have a lot of resources on the table.



A very situational card that lines up perfectly with my personal gaming motto: go big or go home. This card will be invaluable if your opponent has a low-cost, low-health, high damage ally on the field. The key to notice is that the ATK counters you gain are permanent, which greatly boosts the power of this card, even when the situation isn't perfect for it.


Velen, Prophet of the Naaru

Horde players will fondly remember the first time they slaughtered Velen in the Draenei's crashed spaceship. He's the leader of the Draenei on Azeroth and he's no pushover in the TCG either! 7 resource cost makes him a mid-late game ally, but that passive benefit that deals free damage and puts extra cards in your hands is amazing. It almost makes me wish I had an Alliance deck. Almost.


Zalabar the Dark Tinkerer

This guy's a brutal game-finisher, if you've got the right deck to support him. When the fight's been dragging out and both sides have a healthy-sized graveyard, this little gnome'll come in and win the game for you almost single-handedly. The health point swing between your hero and your opponent's is doubled with the healing power, and his Elusive trait means he can't be attacked by enemy allies or heroes. Only abilities can hit him and he's got the health pool to take a few hits before going down.


Galvano the Beast Lord

I would make fun of this hunter's name, but he's just too darn powerful to joke about. For five resources, you can get an ally that deals eight damage per turn and a pet with six health that can dive in front of him to keep him alive (the Protector trait on the Spider pet means it can intercept any attacks meant for another ally). Or toss out the monkey instead and make your opponent decide between taking down an ally that will deal 8 damage per turn or an ally that will give you an extra card each turn. This card is so flexible and it looks like it'll always be a solid play.


Pythisss, Herald of Frost

I don't have a Mage deck, but it's easy to see the potential for using these with a Mage hero or in a setup heavy with Mage allies. For every other deck, however, her resource cost is too high to even consider including. It should be fun to try to build a deck around it in draft tournaments.



This is the sort of card I love. There are six different versions of Aggra that you could put into play at any time--even if your opponent knows she's in your deck, they won't know what you're going to do with her. And you can just think of the fun possibilities: a 4/6 hero harrasser that cannot be targeted by attacks or spells or a healer with Mend 4 that can't be attacked by enemies. If I can get this card, it'll be a permanent ally in pretty much any Horde deck I play with.


Harrison Jones

The man himself! Harrison Jones has been doing crazy, hilarious stuff in WoW since he first showed up inside Zul'Aman in 2007. Cryptozoic found a pretty fun way to mimick his in-game counterparts similarity to Indiana Jones, giving the card the ability to quickly swap out two items--like, say, a bag of rocks for a golden idol. He may not pack a big punch, but he's resilient with his nine health. If nothing else, it'll be fun to have the famous Harrison Jones on your side.


Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor

Okay, this one's dangerous. It could just as easily screw you as save you, so you'll need to think your plan through before you add it to your deck. If you have an ability-heavy deck and high-cost allies, this card will be an offensive juggernaut that'll let you wreak havoc on enemy lines. You could also use it defensively, keeping it on-hand to dissolve large numbers of allies that cost one or two mana if you're facing someone with a particularly zerg-centric tactic.


Ko'gun, Hammer of the Firelord

This weapon is not a weapon--it is a summoning stick. Ignore the weapon damage, you won't want to pay that resource cost for a measely one fire damage. But, you will want to tap that bad boy whenever you deal some burst damage to the opposing hero. Think of it like adding insult to injury: "Oh, you thought that six damage was bad? HOW ABOUT THREE MORE FIRE ELEMENTALS ATTACKING YOU?" (Shouting is not required, or even recommended when playing this card.)



If you're not familiar with WoW TCG, quests are basically the resources you spend to play other cards. They can also be "turned in" for different effects once per game, at which point the quest card is turned over and it's just a standard resource. It's rare to find a one-resource quest that is this useful. Sure, your opponent gets to choose which effect happens, but that just means you need to use it when both effects are worthwhile (i.e., not when your hero is already at full health).

Now go get some cards for yourself!

That's all the cards we have to reveal today, but we've got a big interview with the makers of the TCG that goes into the background of these cards and how they were made.

Or if you're more interested in acquiring goods than knowledge, you can enter our loot card giveaway to win an in-game mount, pets, or toys.

The Tombs of the Forgotten set launches next Tuesday. If you're at all interested, I highly recommend finding a release party tournament near you to check it out .

If you're not feeling up to a competitive tournament and just want to learn the ropes of the game, I recommend starting with the Class Starter Decks or Champion Decks , which give you a pre-built deck to play with on the cheap.

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