Dark Souls 2 trailer is an ode to the hollow

"This isn't about death, this is about what you learn from death," says this trailer's narrator, which is a pretty apt summation of Dark Souls' appeal. Worryingly, the attempt at a rousing call to arms somehow manages to be less effective than Sean Bean's Train Simulator advert . Still, it's full of small details designed to whip lore hunters into an intrigued, soapy lather. And for the rest of us, there's a big ol' dragon getting chopped up.

While the game is released for consoles on the 14th March, the PC version will be slightly after. Namco say PC release info will be revealed very soon, which thankfully means that for this game, we won't have to wait for a petition, a ropey port, and a bunch of mods before we can play it.


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