Cyber Monday hard drive deals

Cyber Monday is here, and it has even bigger PC gaming deals than Black Friday. We don't recommend running your games off an old fashioned hard drive, but if you need bulk storage, HDDs are still good. You can get terabytes on terabytes for not that much money. We've found the best HDD deals and compiled them below. If you find one we mention in our SSDs and HDDs to look out for this week, even better!

The best deals right now

 Western Digital hard drives are great, and you can get a 5TB WD Black for $190 on Newegg right now, saving $30 compared to typical pricing (and $110 off MSRP). That's the cheapest we've ever seen it, and a lot of high-performance storage for the price. You can also get a 1TB 2.5-inch WD Black for $65 on Amazon, $8 off the previous low.

All our favorite deals

US deals:

Hitachi A7K3000 2TB 64MB: $49, Amazon (save $5). 2TB drives are at rock bottom now, and this Hitachi costs about the same as a 1TB drive. There's no real point in going below 2TB for 3.5-inch HDDs now.

Seagate 3TB 64MB: $80, Amazon (save $10). Cheapest 3TB drive right now.

Seagate 4TB 64MB: $100, Amazon (save $50). Cheapest 4TB drive we've found.

Seagate 6TB 128MB: $210, Newegg (save $10). The price per GB on 6TB drives is substantially worse than on 4TB drives.

Seagate NAS 8TB 256MB: $300, Amazon (save $20). Many hard drives aren't really on 'sale' so much as they're just normally this cheap. At $300, this 8TB drive is still under $0.04 per GB.

Seagate Ironwolf NAS 10TB 256MB: $403, NCIX (save $50)

Seagate Backup Plus external HDD 2TB: $70, Amazon (save $10) 

Seagate Expansion 8TB external drive: This is a whole lot of storage you can get for $170 at Amazon, which will save you $70.

UK deals:

Seagate 2TB 64MB: £65, Amazon (save £5). Cheapest 7200rpm 2TB in the UK right now.

Seagate 3TB 64MB: £79, Aria (save £5)

Seagate 4TB 128MB: £167, Amazon (save £10). UK prices on lower capacity hard drives are substantially higher than in the US.

Seagate 6TB 128MB: £187, Aria (save £5)

Seagate 8TB 256MB: £298, Amazon (save £15)

Seagate Expansion 1TB: £45, Argos (free McAfee Internet Security)

WD Blue 1TB SATA 6GB/S 7200RPM: £42, Amazon , Overclockers UK (save £13)

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