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We've done our homework on the best SSDs around, so let us help you get the best prices for your next solid state upgrade.

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Once you go solid state you can't go back. But there are so many on the market how do you know what the best SSD deal is? That's where we come in.

When they first appeared on the PC scene the solid state drive was very much a luxury item, and even then capacities of 250GB seemed like extreme extravagance. Now the SSD is almost an expected component of a proper gaming PC.

And gone are the lowly 30-60GB capacity SSDs too, with even a 120GB drive looking like a miserly amount of space for your Steam library. For just £45 you can now pick up a 240GB SSD which will outperform even the most expensive drives of just a few years back.

If you’ve already checked out our guide to the best SSD then you’ll already have an idea what you’re after, but if you want them for the absolute best price then allow us to help.

- Looking for the best SSD deals in the US? Come this way...

Some highlights this week: There's a healthy discount on the 500GB version of the excellent Samsung 850 EVO at the moment, making it even more of a tempting purchase.

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Capacity - 500GB | Controller - Samsung | Interface - SATA | £159
- There's a slight discount on our favourite gaming SSD at the moment, the 250GB Samsung 850 EVO, and it's worth the extra cash over the Toshiba drive above just in terms of sheer performance. View this deal over at Novatech for £159.

Capacity - 960GB | Controller - Marvell | Interface - SATA | £277

- You can find a huge Kingston SSDNOW UV400 960GB for nearly half off at Amazon right now. It's not particularly speedy compared to some SSDs, but it'll still be better than your old hard drive. Find this deal for £277 on Amazon

Capacity - 480GB | Controller - Transcend | Interface SATA | £170

- It won't give you breakneck speeds, but the Transcend SSD 220 will give you more capacity than an 850 Evo for the same money. Plus, it's still an SSD so will be faster than your old spinning drive. 

Capacity - 480GB | Controller - Phison | Interface - SATA | £130

- As another cheaper alternative to the Samsung 850, you've got the SanDisk Ultra SSD II, which is currently sitting at £130 on Amazon. You'll have to wait a few days for it to be in stock again, or you can go for the lower capacity which also has a few pounds off.    

Capacity - 1TB | Controller - Samsung | Interface - SATA | £123

- If you're looking for a top of the line SATA SSD, the 850 Pro is the fastest around. You'll be spending a bit more on it, but the price is lower than normal at the moment. 

The best SSDs

We've picked out our current favourite solid state drives and have put together our best SSD guide which details both the overall best SSD around as well as the best budget SSD as well as the best high-end SSD.

And here are the best prices we've found for them around the web today:

“The ideal SSD for a gaming PC strikes that perfect price/performance/reliability balance, and Samsung’s 850 EVO SSD manages this, and then some.”

“With an affordable SSD, like the BX100, larger capacities are a more realistic prospect.“

“If you’re building the ultimate rig, and want the very best possible performance in any situation, without worrying about the cost, then it’s the 850 Pro you should choose.“

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