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Contemplating that next big PC build? Don't pay full price for your processor.

CPU deals

You want a new processor, you’ve checked out our best CPU for gaming guide, and now you need to know the best CPU deals available right now. Well, we can help out with that too.

The processor is the brains of your gaming rig. No matter what you’re running, whether it’s the CPU-intensive Planetside 2 or Minecraft, the processor will be doing all the important number crunching, so you want to make sure you’re getting the right one and for the right money.

Some highlights this week: While the latest Intel Skylake chips are the processors we'd start off a new build with, if you've already got a Haswell motherboard (either Z87 / H87 or Z97 / H97 boards) then the Devil's Canyon Intel Core i5-4690K is still one of the best gaming CPUs around.

But if you're sat on an AMD AM3 motherboard and don't want to go through the cost and inconvenience of a complete system rebuild then the 4.4GHz (Turbo to 4.7GHz) AMD FX-9370 is available cheaper than usual right now.

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Cores - 8 | Threads - 8 | Clockspeed - 4.4GHz | Socket - AM3 | £176.34
- AMD got a bit excitable with its aging Piledriver architecture and created a set of super-clocked CPUs, with the AMD FX-9370 being one of the more affordable options. If you're looking for an AMD upgrade, this is still a good one to check out. Find it at Amazon for just £176.34.

Cores - 2 | Threads - 4 | Clockspeed - 3.7GHz | Socket -  LGA 1151 | £92.91 

-  Don't let those two cores fool you, with HyperThreading this Intel Skylake i3-6100 is a great little budget gaming chip capable of getting more from your GPU than an equivalent AMD chip. View this deal at Amazon for £92.91.  

Cores - 4 | Threads - 4 | Clockspeed - 3.5GHz | Socket - LGA 1150 | £229
- It may not be the all-singing-all-computing Skylake gen cores, but the Intel Core i5-4690K was our top gaming chip until the i5-6600K came around, and the Haswell i5 is £229 at Amazon.

Cores - 4 | Threads - 4 | Clockspeed - 3.5GHz | Socket - LGA 1151 | £220
- But if you are after the awesome Skylake Core i5-6600K then you can pick it up at the best price for £220 at Amazon. It has been seen for less than £200 before, but not for a while.

Cores - 2 | Threads - 4 | Clockspeed - 3.7GHz | Socket -  LGA 1151 | £110

- Now this may just be a dual core processor, but thanks to HyperThreading the Core i3-4170 is a great little budget CPU. Plus, you'll get more out of it than a competing AMD chip. You can find one at Overclockers for £110

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In our guide to the best gaming processors we've picked out our favourite overall gaming CPU, the best high-end option and the best budget processor for gaming. Here are the best prices we've found around the web for each of them today.

“Although this i5 has an almost identical spec to our previous favourite CPU, the Core i5-4690K, overall performance for this processor trumps its predecessor by up to 10% in rendering, archiving and other workstation simulated tasks.”

“Is this truly still better than Skylake’s crème de la crème of processors, the i7-6700K? Yep, absolutely. In computational benchmarks those six cores run rings around its Skylake cousin.”

“While it’s a no-frills processor, as it’s only a dual-core model, and lacks Turbo Mode or hyper-threading, this is still enough to drive the majority of games at playable resolution and detail settings.”

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