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CPU deals

You want a new processor, you’ve checked out our best CPU for gaming guide, and now you need to know the best CPU deals available right now. Well, we can help out with that too.

The processor is the brains of your gaming rig. No matter what you’re running, whether it’s the CPU-intensive Planetside 2 or Minecraft, the processor will be doing all the important number crunching, so you want to make sure you’re getting the right one and for the right money.

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Cores - 8 | Threads - 16 | Clockspeed - 3.6GHz | Socket -  AM4 | £381 

- AMD's new generation of Ryzen processors is here. The big dog from the new Ryzen line up is the Ryzen 7 1800X, which will give you 4.0 GHz boost clock. Find one for a great price of £381 at Amazon.  

Cores - 8 | Threads - 16 | Clockspeed - 3.4GHz | Socket -  AM4 | £290 

- The next step down is the Ryzen 7 1700X, giving you a slightly less clock speed, but saving you a chunk of money. You'll find one today for £290.

Cores - 8 | Threads - 16 | Clockspeed - 3.0GHz | Socket -  AM4 | £266 

- This one is on the lower end of the Ryzen 7 performance line. Still lots of cores and threads, but a lower clock speed. Grab the Ryzen 7 1700 at Amazon for £266.

Cores - 6 | Threads - 12 | Clockspeed - 364GHz | Socket -  AM4 | £205 

- In the Ryzen mainstream line we've got the Ryzen 5 1600X, bringing you six cores and twelve threads. It's currently sitting at £205.

Cores - 4 | Threads - 8 | Clockspeed - 3.2GHz | Socket -  AM4 | £150 

- AMD's really starting to compete in terms of price and performance with its new generation of CPUs. The Ryzen 5 1400 is a budget option, and can be found for £150.

Intel CPUs

Cores - 4 | Threads - 8 | Clockspeed - 4.2GHz | Socket -  LGA 1151 | £270

-Intel's newest generation of CPUs Kaby Lake is here with new features, and higher clock speeds. As for the big boy Kaby Lake product, the Core i7-7700K, you'll be paying a premium for that hyperthreading and extra clock speeds. Find a decent deal on one here for £270.  

Cores - 4 | Threads - 4 | Clockspeed - 3.8GHz | Socket -  LGA 1151 | £189 

- Here's the high quality Kaby Lake option that a lot of people will be opting for. The Core i5-7600K is sitting on a pretty nice price right now, here's one for £189.

Cores - 2 | Threads - 4 | Clockspeed 4.2GHz | Socket - LGA 1151 | £135

On the lower end of the Kaby Lake consumer line we have the Core i3-7350K. Only two cores, but hyperthreading makes up for it and the clock speed is nice and high. Grab one for £135 from Alza

Cores - 4 | Threads - 8 | Clockspeed - 4GHz | Socket - LGA 1151 | £282

- You can find a healthy £100+ off Intel's Skylake hero product in the i7-6700K on Amazon. New Kaby Lake products have hit the market, forcing prices of the older hardware down. Find this deal for £282.

Cores - 4 | Threads - 4 | Clockspeed - 3.5GHz | Socket - LGA 1151 | £199
- But if you are after the awesome Skylake Core i5-6600K then you can pick it up at the best price for £199 at Amazon. It's the first time it's been below £200 in a while.

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In our guide to the best gaming processors we've picked out our favourite overall gaming CPU, the best high-end option and the best budget processor for gaming. Here are the best prices we've found around the web for each of them today.

"We ended up going with the i7-6850K, given its updated architecture and slightly faster performance, but it's basically a toss-up between that and the i7-5930K."

"The i3-7100 is almost certainly capable of maxing out a GTX 1050 Ti / R9 380 / RX 460 or lower graphics card in most games."

"Gaming performance isn't quite what we hoped for, as it fails to surpass even a Core i5-7600K, but leave the gaming behind and Ryzen 7 has a ton to offer. If you're buying a GTX 1080 Ti and planning on running a high refresh rate 1080p or 1440p display, yes, I'd suggest going with Intel. However, if you also want to do video editing and you don't want to shell out $400 / £400 or more on just the CPU, you might need to reconsider. Plus, for about the same price as the i7-7700K, you can get the Ryzen 7 1700, including a cooler no less—and the great news is that the CPU is still fully unlocked."

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