Assassin's Creed Brotherhood lets you drive a tank

Tom Senior


The latest trailer for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is a narrated walkthrough that shows super stealthy assassin Ezio sneaking into a guarded facility. It looks like a standard infiltration mission, right up to the point where Ezio climbs into an armoured tank . Watch the full trailer below.

It looks as though Ezio's old friend from Assassin's Creed 2, Leonardo Da Vinci, has been forced at sword-point to design a series of insane war machines for the enemy, now it's up to Ezio to stop them by climbing into a tank and shooting them. In fairness to Ezio, he has to be very stealthy to actually get to the tank, and being as it's there, he might as well have a bit of a drive. Then it's got all those guns on it, so it would be remiss not to fire them a bit. Then, before you know it the castle he's standing in is a smoking mess, and he's not really a stealthy assassin any more, he's an action hero with a cool cloak.

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