Adam Jensen will hack his way onto mobile devices this summer with Deus Ex: Go

The turn-based puzzle game hasn't been announced for PC, though.

There’s a new entry into the Deus Ex franchise, though it’s one unfortunately not coming to PC (at least not initially). Square Enix Montreal is developing Deus Ex: Go, a turn-based puzzle game in the same vein as Hitman: Go and Lara Croft: Go, for mobile phones and tablets. You can see a little of it above in the announcement trailer.

Hacking, combat, augmentations, and terrorist conspiracies will be translated into turn-based puzzle mechanics for DX:Go. It will also feature a puzzle-designer so players can create and share their own puzzles, though this utility will arrive sometime after Deus Ex: Go is launched. As far as a date, all we know about DX:Go is that it’s coming “this summer.”

We’re hopeful we’ll be able to play Deus Ex: Go on PC at some point in the future, but no plans to bring it to desktops have been announced. Hitman: Go and Lara Croft: Go both made it to Windows, though, and I have it on good authority (a guy I know) that they are enjoyable games.

An earlier version of this story stated that Lara Croft: Go had not been released on PC. It has, and the article has been updated to reflect that.


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