25 best Fallout New Vegas mods

16. Essential Visual Enhancements


There are many ways to deal damage in New Vegas. Bullets, energy blasts, grenades, flamethrowers, missiles and more... so don't you want all those things to be as pretty as possible? The EVE mod gussies up the carnage with new effects and textures covering everything from flames and explosions to bullet impacts and critical energy kills.

17. Run the Lucky 38

You've cut a swath of death and destruction across the desert during your game. Maybe it's time to slow down and build something instead? This mod lets you Run the Lucky 38 casino, turning it from a ruined husk into the jewel of the Mojave. Hire employees, manage your bankroll, upgrade the amenities, improve the furnishings, all in an effort to attract more gamblers and customers to your growing business.

18. Immersive Karma

Either you're perfectly happy doing terrible things, or you're in a jam and need to commit a tiny little crime to survive. Either way, you're fully aware that you're doing something bad and you certainly don't need the game's sad little electro-trombone telling you it is soooo disappointed in your behavior. This Immersive Karma mod is a must-have, letting you shut off the bad karma notifications that accompany every minor theft or major murder you commit.

19. Improved Throwing

One place New Vegas severely falters is with its thrown weapons. First, they're very rare, and second, once thrown, they can't be retrieved. The Improved Throwing mod allows you to craft throwing weapons like spears and knives, convert standard weapons into flung missiles, and most importantly, pick up your stuff after you've chucked it someone. You can even throw random debris as a last resort.

20. Colored Map and Icons


Let's face it, you're gonna be checking your Pipboy's map a lot, and it's not exactly the loveliest bit of tech, is it? The Colored Map and Icons mod lets you choose your resolution levels, add colors, coordinates, and overlay info, and pick from several icon packs. Just because it's the post-apocalypse doesn't mean you can't have a little eye-candy on your wrist.


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