Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings Chronicle: The Prologue

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Meet the family

In Crusader Kings II, I'll always play as the most direct legitimate heir of my house. The game takes place over hundreds of years, ending in 1490, so I’ll control many generations of House ua Brian as the game goes on.

For now, I am Duke Murchad I, liege lord of House ua Brian of Munster, son of Donchad, son of Brian, son of Cenétig. I am 39 years old, a tough soldier, diligent and kind, but also known to be zealous and ambitious (all traits within the game that affect my stats and how others react to me.)

My Family:

My only child is Brian macMurchad, 18 years of age, whose mother (my first wife) has passed on from this world. Like me, he is a tough soldier and diligent, but is also known to be craven, gluttonous, and too patient for my tastes. Nonetheless, he is heir to everything I have built.

I have two living half-brothers (born of my father and his second wife, while my mother was his first): Conchobar macDonnchad is one, a charismatic negotiator, brave and charitable. Unfortunately, he also has a slight lisp, and is taken to sloth and gluttony.

The other is Lorcán macDonnchad, a tough and diligent soldier like myself. He is famed for being honest and just, but also grows easily envious of others. His sons are Conchobar, 19, and Cennétig, 17.

Now, who can I count on to help me rule these lands?