Crusader Kings Chronicle: The Prologue

Loyal (hopefully) bannermen

As Duke of Munster and liege lord of the counties of Thomond and Ormond, I have three direct vassals, and two indirect ones (through Lord Mayor Ragnvald.)

My third and most powerful direct vassal is Lord Mayor Ragnvald of Ormond . He is 45, and a descendant of Norwegian Viking settlers who once raided the Irish coasts. Despite having an Irish mother, he is largely distrusted for his Norse blood... and he isn't particularly fond of Irishmen himself. Though honest and humble, he is also a coward and quick to anger.

His direct vassals (and mine by extension) are Halfdan, Bishop of Cashel, and Arnfinn, Baron of Nenagh. He also has a newborn son, Olav Ragnvaldsson, though his wife died giving birth to the babe. Both Halfdan and Arnfinn are of Norwegian descent, like Ragnvald, leading to concerns that half my realm is ruled by Norsemen.

That's enough exposition for now, though. Onward, to glory!