Crusader Kings Chronicle: The Prologue

Wise council

Crusader Kings II allows me to appoint members of my court to five key positions that affect the success of my ream.

My Council:

The Chancellor is in charge of matters political and diplomatic. Perhaps his most important duty is fabricating claims. I can't just declare war whenever I want. I either have to have a blood claim on the County I want to attack (usually through marriage), a religious reason (such as the opposing lord being revealed as a heretic), or a fabricated claim... which means my Chancellor B.S.ed some documents that say the land is mine.

My Chancellor is Toirrdelbach macTadg , a cousin of mine via my grandfather, Brian I. He is an aged relic of 57 (a pretty impressive run for this time period), charismatic, humble, and kind... though also a bit shy.

The Marshall is in charge of my military, and affects how well I do in battles and how quickly I can resupply lost levies.

My Marshall is my young cousin Tadg macDiarmait , son of my late uncle Diarmait. He is a boy of only 16, but is already one of the more impressive warriors in my lands: a brilliant strategist, humble, brave, and honest to the point that his frequent envy is usually overlooked.

The Steward manages the economic affairs of the realm, overseeing tax collection and building construction.

My Steward is my half-brother Lorcán (see page 4), though he is mediocre at best with numbers and likely attained his position through family loyalty.

The Spymaster has two jobs: orchestrate secret plots against my enemies, and discover said plots against me.

My Spymaster is Murchaid macConchobar , son of my half-brother Conchobar (see page 4.) He is a flamboyant schemer, known to those close to him as kind and gregarious. All the same, he also tends to be paranoid and arbitrary in some matters.

Lastly, the Court Chaplain manages the religious matters of the realm and my relations with the Pope in Rome. Having poor relations could result in my excommunication, which basically serves as a free invitation for the entire rest of the Catholic world (which is a pretty vast majority of Europe) to declare war on me. So... fairly important.

My Court Chaplain is the only man not of my blood on the council: Bishop Fogartach of Killaloe . He is one of my vassals, managing the Bishopric (a religious barony) of Killaloe in my home County of Thomond. The 35-year-old is a dutiful cleric, patient, honest, and brave. He also has paranoid tendencies, however... and syphilis. Yeah, syphilis. Let's hope that happened before he became a holy man.

Also, he has won the Munster Beard Faire for the last 11 years in a row.

Lastly, the men sworn to me...