Planetside 2 Beta to begin on Monday (Again)

Richard Cobbett at

Okay, so the last time Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley tweeted us into a state of excitement about this... it ended up being delayed. This time though, it's happening for real. Absolutely. Certainly. Probably. Touch wood. Unless anything goes wrong. Which it won't! (But it might.)

But let's be optimistic. Quoth the Smedley: "Looking like it's going to be Monday at 2pm for the start of Beta. still a lot of work to do tomorrow and this weekend but looking good."

Remember, if you got your beta key from PC Gamer, you got a priority access code and so will get into at least one of the first waves - if not be the absolute first person to set foot into the new warzone. If not, you can still sign up for the closed beta on the Planetside 2 site and hopefully not have to wait too long. Keep in mind though that this is actually a beta, not one of those 'we really mean demo' betas, and there's a fair way to go before what you play will be finished, complete, and fully polished.

Here are a few brief tasters of what to expect when you join the battle.

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