Arma 3 exclusive screenshots

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The more I see of it, the more Arma 3's Limnos island looks like the best-possible backyard to stage big-scale military co-op: a checkerboard of scrubland, eucalyptus forests, towering reeds, sunny coasts and ripe, bombable facilities to guard and attack. Today, Bohemia Interactive has passed along a few new images. Arma 3 is due Summer 2012.

It's occasionally the case in Arma 2, but I like the idea of glare interfering with combat more often.

Remote turrets: all the firepower, with none of the inconvenient direct exposure to enemy fire.

Maintain column formation, men. That Chipotle can't be far.

An F-35 lurks in the danger zone.

Ladies and gentlemen, the exchange student jeans of Nikos Panagopoulos.

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