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Crysis 2

Mad scientists are brilliant, aren't they? When your world is being invaded by aliens, you can always count on them to come up with a ludicrous weapon to save the day. The super weapon of the day award today goes straight to Crysis 2 for the nanosuit. Its nano-brilliant abilities ensure that world will remain safe, until the next alien invasion. Check out our Crysis 2 review for our verdict on the game.

The mad scientists over at Valve are also up to something. We know they're working on Meet the Medic, but what was that intriguing wall of artwork all about? What could they be working on?

Anyhow, that's enough chat. You came here for knowledge. Read on for your daily dose of PC gaming news, including William Shatner, the original design documents for Grand Theft Auto, and your chance to win a Dead Space novel.

Update: And the Dead Space novel goes to ... Bojo600, for a film plot that finally find a use for all those limbs you cut off during the games.

First things first. Happy birthday to William Shatner. He is 80 today. Here he is performing Rocket Man live.

  • The original design documents for GTA are on the internet. It was intended to be a multiplayer demolition derby game.
  • Here's a bizarre Crysis 2 easter egg.
  • League of Legends are selling a hero for half price, with all proceeds going to the Japanese Red Cross.
  • Space combat MMO Black Prophecy is out in the EU. Here's a launch trailer.
  • US Arkham City preorder bonuses have been detailed.
  • VG247 interview CD Projekt about the Witcher 2.
  • Torchlight developer Travis Baldtree has been chatting to Joystiq about how the team will deal with Diablo 3, and why MMO subscriptions are a bad idea.
  • A new dev diary goes behind the scenes on Section 8: Prejudice.
  • Bioware are warning against a number of The Old Republic beta scams.
  • The APB beta has had 250000 applicants.
  • There's a Dead Space film in production.

Hmmm, what's this, a Dead Space movie? According to the article, the initial idea was to write a prologue for the first game, but that didn't work out. They clearly need our help, and there's a Dead Space novel just sitting here waiting to be given away. Come up with a plot for the Dead Space movie in the comments below. The funniest/best one will win a copy of Dead Space: Martyr. I'll post the winner tomorrow.