This is the best PC games collection we've seen

Jaz McDougall at

brian collection thumb

We've been asking you silly readers a lot of questions on the monstrously popular PC Gamer Facebook group. A couple of days ago, we asked you to post a photo or picture of you PC game collection. This is Brian Smith's collection. Just look at this lot!

Retirement: sorted.

His post on our wall has a ton of comments from readers who, before seeing this picture, were living in a world they thought they knew. Thank you, Brian, for shattering our tiny minds with your millions of games.

Update: Here's a more recent picture with a better size:

Can you top it? Can you even come close? We want you to post your games collections and your desks on our wall. There are tons of people waiting to sit with open mouths staring at how many monitors you have. Join us.

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