You're basically Arya Stark in this open-world action-platformer

Game of Thrones ended months ago, but if you still want more of your favorite assassin Arya Stark, you'll be able to virtually live out your girl-with-no-name ambitions in Savior, a upcoming 2D open-world platformer.

As heroine Sam, you'll parkour and melee your way through the middle of an ancient conflict, a society divided by belief systems and their bronze and computer age technologies. One day you could be fighting knights in a torch-lit cavernous castle. The next you could be dodging a giant, chicken-like robot as it shoots electricity at your body. You'll have to be prepared for anything on the island-nation of Arcadia.

What makes Savior different from a lot of other 2D platformers is the integration of RPG elements, mostly around building your reputation.

“We wanted to build on the 2D platformers we loved growing up, and add more player investment in the world and its people. Where the spearman you just fought wasn’t just a faceless foe. The woman you just saved was his mom, and the next time you see him, he’ll be grateful, not aggressive. We want to make a world where you can convince the soldier you just fought to join your cause. Where knowing an NPCs favorite food is as useful as a quiver of arrows,” said Weston Tracy, project lead at Starsoft Entertainment.

Building trust with those kinds of characters is crucial to not only completing your quests, but also to getting offered more quests so you can ultimately try to restore peace between the two worlds—fighting with a purpose.

And all the running, jumping, and flipping looks like a ton of fun.

There's no release date on the horizon, but check out the trailer above if you haven't already. If it already looks familiar to you, you might remember it when it was first called Into the Rift.

Joanna Nelius
When Joanna's not writing about gaming desktops, cloud gaming, or other hardware-related things, she's doing terrible stuff in The Sims 4, roleplaying as a Malkavian, or playing horror games that would give normal people nightmares. She also likes narrative adventures.