You Don't Know Jack franchise turns 18, celebrates with Steam sale

In case you guys weren't quite sure, Jack (of You Don't Know Jack fame) is a difficult person to get to know. You can ask him where he's from or what his hobbies are, only for him to ignore those questions ask you trivia questions. It'd be more of a problem if his trivia games weren't so clever, and now they've never been so cheap.

The You Don't Know Jack trivia franchise just hit its 18th birthday, and is kicking off the celebrations by releasing most of its games on Steam at $2.99 each. You can save about six bucks and buy the nine games for $20 (the same price as the 2011 You Don't Know Jack remake , which isn't included in the pack). You won't save much in the long run (about $5.92), but other game shows have taught me that a few extra bucks can really screw over your fellow contestants.

And isn't that what trivia games are all about?