You can now save your Overwatch highlights

Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan has revealed that Overwatch's highlight system is being overhauled—a feature that has been frequently requested since the game's launch. Until now, Overwatch would automatically save a handful of highlights—awesome moments and plays of the game from your last five matches—but those clips would be lost if you logged out of the game. 

"Since the day we launched, you were asking for a way to save highlights," Kaplan said in a developer update video. 

The game will still continue to collect your highlights, and suggest top highlights for you. Under the new system, those top five highlights will always persist for the next 24 hours. More importantly, there's now a "recently captured" section of the Highlights theater that will collect clips you've manually recorded. 

After a cool moment happens in-game, you can press a capture key and the game will bookmark and remember that bit of gameplay, saving it into a 12 second clip. Then, from the highlights menu, you can save and export those moments in a variety of ways. Up to 32 "recently captured" highlights will be saved.

When you use the highlights feature on PC, it'll give you the option to record the video in many different ways. For example: if you're playing on a low-end system that can't handle high-end graphics settings, you can still output the video at 4K 60fps. Obviously, the higher-res settings you choose, the larger the file will be—it's all customizable.

The new highlights feature is being tested on the Overwatch PTR, and will likely be implemented into the live game in the next few weeks.

Bo Moore

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