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You can now get married in Final Fantasy XIV

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You've just slain a beast after a gruelling raid, and suddenly... that Lalafel healer you've never paid attention to looks different. The Lalafel healer glows with a renewed radiance, and you realise this strange sensation you're feeling is love. Up until now you could only make do with dreaming about the Lalafel healer in the comfort of your player housing, but now, as of patch 2.45, you can marry them.

Dubbed 'the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding', marriage in Final Fantasy XIV comes in three varieties. The standard marriage rewards canoodling lovers with eternity rings, ceremonial attire, "special" hairstyles and fancy furnishings. The two higher tiers - both at a fee per person - feature other bonuses including more colour options for the chapel, dyeable attire and more cutscenes for the ceremony.

Once patch 2.45 is installed, marriages can be booked at the Final Fantasy XIV Mog Station. Full details are over on the special 'Ceremony of Eternal Bonding' website. The changes come ahead of the forthcoming Heavensward expansion, which allows users to build airships. Imagine going for a lovely airship ride with your significant other. It'd be beautiful.

Watch romance in action in the video below:

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