You can fly the TARDIS in 3rd Dr Who game

dr who thumb 2

In the newest episode of Dr Who Adventures, players will be able to explore and control the TARDIS - the Doctor's non-euclidean time-and-space-ship which resembles an old Police call box on the outside, and houses several mansion-like rooms on the inside. Controlling the TARDIS, though? HMMM.

The first two games featured very little TARDIS action, and certainly no magical, mind-bending, "why is there a cathedral in this phone box" moment. This time, the Doctor is missing and the TARDIS is stuck in a "riptide". I presume that's some sort of space riptide? A time riptide, in the ocean of time? Maybe it is just a regular riptide on a beach somewhere. That suggests you won't be able to actually transition into the TARDIS.

Regardless, the opportunity to poke around in there is something that's been missing from the series so far. They've even added in a new bit: the Doctor now has a drawing room, filled with nicknacks and easter eggs from the TV series. I hope they do justice to the controls, though - the centre console is the ideal my desktop aspires to, and if it's just WASD to move it around, I'll cry chrono-tears.

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