Yoku's Island Express explains why 'it's down to a pint-sized postman to save the day'

Yoku's Island Express is an incoming platforming pinball puzzler that's sort of like Sonic Spinball, that sort of echoes Studio Ghibli, and that sort of looks fantastic. It's due on PC later this month, and has a new trailer that explains why the titular Yoku has landed on Mokumana Island—and why, and indeed how, this "pint-sized" postman will awaken an ancient deity from its endless sleep.

First, here's that:

Yoku is ready for an easy life of sun, sea and sands, says publisher Team17, however all isn't what it seems. "The God Slayer has risen again and has plagued the ancient island deity, Mokuma, and now it’s all down to our pint-sized postman to save the day using a unique blend of pinball mechanics, platforming and open world exploration, in an amazing adventure to help those in need," so reads a statement. 

I loved Sonic Spinball and, at the ripe age of seven, was certain the pinball platformer genre would explode in its wake. It didn't, of course, which is why I'm right interested in this one. What we've seen so far suggests something more on the whimsical side, but it looks gorgeous nevertheless.  

If you fancy it, Yoku's Island Express is due on May 29, 2018. More information can be grabbed from the game's Steam page.