Year Walk coming to Steam in early 2014

Simogo has announced that it's developing Year Walk for the PC and expects to release it on Steam in early 2014. Year Walk is a first person adventure currently available only on iOS—it received much critical praise for creating a mysterious, creepy vibe loosely inspired by the folklore of Simogo's native Sweden.

If the name Simogo sounds familiar, but you've never heard of Year Walk, you've probably heard the developer's name in relation to another game it released this year, Device 6, which has been making it into a few 2013 game of the year award lists. If Year Walk sells well on Steam, we hope it motivates Simogo to bring Device 6 over as well.

But it's not as easy as flipping a switch. Rather than a straight port, Simogo says Year Walk for PC is going to be something between a port and a remake. The developer is adding new animations and visual effects, as well as overhauling the controls. It'll be WASD and mouse instead of touch gestures (much like when Superbrothers brought its iOS game, Sword and Sworcery , to PC).

The puzzles in Year Walk that relied on the iPhone's tilt and multitouch features have been either redesigned or wholly exchanged for new puzzles—Simogo says it even had to create one entirely new location in the game to accommodate one of these new puzzles. If you've played Year Walk, you also know that its companion app plays a big role in the its story, and it's been integrated into the game with a visual overhaul. Other additions are a map you'll be able to pull up at any time and a hint system.