XCOM: Enemy Unknown demo released

XCOM: Enemy Unknown's demo is now available! Download it now from its Steam page, marshal your elite forces at your secret underground base, and then plant your heavily-armoured jackboot into ET's behind. Alternatively - and this is really the more likely scenario - watch as your heavil- armoured jackboot is blown clean off your leg, and a host of horse-sized insectoid creatures eat your friends' faces.

We've been getting stuck into the campaign here at the office, each of us naming our teams of hapless squaddies after the extended PCG family. Production editor Tony is still a bit shell-shocked after accidentally shooting freelancer Phil Savage through the chest. Let's hear your stories in the comments.

If you want to know if your rig will run Firaxis' remake of the turnbased strategy classic, have a look at XCOM's minimum system specs . Meanwhile, have a look at what the devs said about the game's ample supply of PC-only features .