Handy XCOM: Chimera Squad cheats and how to use them

xcom chimera squad console commands
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If you're struggling to put down the insurgents threatening the fraying peace of City 31, these XCOM: Chimera Squad console commands will be just the ticket. You might not get that warm, fuzzy elation from completing a demanding battle all on your own, but sometimes you just need to get your intrepid squad to safety by whatever means possible.

You might be a strategy noob like me, struggling to wade through stats and readouts, or getting distracted by silly things like City 31's remarkably efficient road system. Or you could be an XCOM veteran gritting your teeth through a late-game firefight on Impossible difficulty. Either way, the following XCOM: Chimera Squad cheats will fast-track your motley crew back to base.

While I recommend sticking with it if you've hit a roadblock, if you've exhausted all other avenues—with help from our XCOM: Chimera Squad tips guide, of course—here's how to access the game's cheat engine and the console commands available.

How to enable the XCOM: Chimera Squad cheat engine

Before you can get to the stage of inputting cheat codes, you need to get your PC to 'allow' the developer console. Here's how to do it.

  • Navigate to your local files of XCOM: Chimera Squad by right-clicking on the game in Steam, clicking 'Browse Local Files' under the 'Manage' tab.
  • Click 'Binaries', then 'Win64'.
  • Right click on 'xcom.exe', then create a shortcut.
  • Right click that, hit 'Properties' and add '-allowconsole' at the end of the target field

XCOM: Chimera Squad console commands

Now that the cheat engine is enabled, press the tilde (˜) key and enter the command you need from the table below. These aren't the full list of what's available, but they are undoubtedly the most useful. With them you can essentially cancel the enemy threat in battle and give yourself all the resources you need.

If you've meddled with cheats in previous XCOM games you'll have a head start already, as they're pretty similar to before. Arguably it takes the fun out of the game, but the option is there for you regardless.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Skip enemy turnsskipai
Kill all AI unitskillallais
Enables God Modegod
Enables Ghost Modeghost
Get 100 EleriumGiveResources elerium 100
Get 100 CreditsGiveResource credits 100
Get 100 IntelGiveResource intel 100
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