XCOM 2 Tactical Legacy DLC out now, free for a limited time for WotC owners

XCOM 2 has released Tactical Legacy—a DLC for its War of the Chosen expansion that adds new modes, maps, weapons, armours and more. If you own the latter it's free till December 3. 

If you don't, the War of the Chosen & Tactical Legacy Pack is on sale on Steam for £20.99/$23.99 (40 percent less its regular price) till Tuesday, October 16. You'll need the XCOM 2 base game in order to play War of the Chosen, though, which is also on sale for £11.54/$19.79 with a 67 percent discount. AND the XCOM 2 base game is free to try for the next two days.

Clear as mud? Great. Let's dig into Tactical Legacy. 

Launched yesterday, Tactical Legacy adds Legacy Ops, a new game mode that sees players commanding a squad of soldiers through a series of tactical missions. In 'Central's Archives' you'll explore the events that led to the rise of the resistance. In 'Blast From the Past' you'll return to the fall of the XCOM HQ and learn where it all began. In 'It Came From the Sea' you'll rescue a hapless radio DJ from an endless horde of baddies. And in 'The Lazarus Project' you'll rescue key members of the resistance from ADVENT captivity. 

Furthermore, Tactical Legacy brings with it Resistance Archives—where you'll "engage enemy forces in series of tactical missions increasing in difficulty"—and a Skirmish Mode that lets you create your own missions. 

On the maps front, Tactical Legacy adds 28 new remastered Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within arenas; while new weapons and armour comprise reworked versions of EU's conventional laser, plasma rifle, the Kevlar, Carapace and Titan Armour. The DLC also adds new photobooth and soundtrack options, and an offline Challenge Mode lets you take on all of War of the Chosen's tactical puzzles one-by-one. 

More information on all of that lives on Tactical Legacy's Steam page. Again, existing War of the Chosen owners can grab it free of charge till December 3, 2018. Tom's 80-scored review of War of the Chosen outlines why it's worth your time.