Xbox One is getting mouse and keyboard support as Microsoft partners with Razer

There are quite a few PC games I wouldn’t touch were it not for my trusty Xbox One controller, but the console lot are not equally free to switch to a completely different control scheme. They will be later this week, however. Mouse and keyboard support is coming to Xbox One. That’s good for PC, too. 

Parity between Xbox One and PC has already led to good things. For instance, I’m currently enjoying Forza Horizon 4 through the Xbox Games Pass, despite playing it on my PC. Only a few games are cross-platform on the service at the moment, but it’s great even if you don’t have an Xbox One.

Mouse and keyboard support also evens the playing field in cross-platform multiplayer games like Fortnite, which will be the first game to boast it on Wednesday. The gulf between traditional console controllers and mouse and keyboard has frequently been used to excuse the absence of cross-platform support, so it’s one less barrier to worry about. 

Fortnite, Warframe, Bomber Crew, Deep Rock Galactic, Strange Brigade, Vermintide 2, War Thunder and X-Morph Defense will all be adding support in November, while Children of Morta, DayZ, Minion Master, Moonlighter, Vigor, Warface and Wargroove will be joining them later. 

Microsoft is—not surprisingly—going to be selling some official peripherals, probably pricey. It’s partnered with Razer, and the result of the collaboration will be unveiled at CES in January. Xbox players shouldn't worry, however, as they won’t be limited to just the official Xbox One mouse and keyboard. If you need more, here's our guide to the best gaming keyboard options right now.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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