Writers: pitch us features about PC gaming

Image via DeviantArt user BemoGames. Click for full-sized.

Image via DeviantArt user BemoGames. Click for full-sized.

We’re looking for more talented and passionate people to help us discover and write about PC games, PC gamers, mods, interesting communities, and more. If you want to help us tell those stories and have an idea to pitch, we want to hear from you.

Here are a few recent feature stories to help give you a sense of what we’re looking for:

If you’re interested in writing for us, here’s a list of dos and don’ts: 


  • Send us a short pitch outlining the feature story you want to write in 1-2 paragraphs. Explain both WHY this is a good story for PC Gamer and HOW you plan to tell it.
  • Tell us who you plan to interview for the feature and a target word count.
  • Be creative. The stories linked above are guidelines, but we want stories about mods, communities, history, and the making of games.
  • Pitch interesting ideas around the PC’s hottest topics: Overwatch, EVE Online, ARK, Minecraft, etc.
  • Remember that not everything has to be a 3000 word behind-the-scenes feature. We’re always looking for short features and galleries, too, like No Man’s Sky: 10 burning questions, answered or PC’s weirdest celebrity cameos.
  • Briefly tell us about yourself and include links to existing writing samples.


  • Send an email saying that you generally want to write about PC games. We’re looking for specific pitches with strong ideas—see above!
  • Tell us you want to write your opinion about a particular game or trend. We’re looking for interviews and stories, not op-eds.
  • Suggest interview subjects you won’t have a chance of getting in touch with.

Let's tell cool stories together! Email us at pitches@pcgamer.com

Evan Lahti
Global Editor-in-Chief

Evan's a hardcore FPS enthusiast who joined PC Gamer in 2008. After an era spent publishing reviews, news, and cover features, he now oversees editorial operations for PC Gamer worldwide, including setting policy, training, and editing stories written by the wider team. His most-played FPSes are CS:GO, Team Fortress 2, Team Fortress Classic, Rainbow Six Siege, and Arma 2. His first multiplayer FPS was Quake 2, played on serial LAN in his uncle's basement, the ideal conditions for instilling a lifelong fondness for fragging. Evan also leads production of the PC Gaming Show, the annual E3 showcase event dedicated to PC gaming.