Worried about missing companion chats in Baldur's Gate 3? This mod aims to fix that

Gale from Baldur's Gate 3 under a veil of moonlight, looking very sad.
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I really like the companion conversations in Baldur's Gate 3—they range from adding new insight to characters to being absolutely hilarious, like this one with Astarion where he rips you a new one for your bad aim.

The downside is, they can be really easy to miss. There's no UI notification that lets you know when they might have something to say, and with some companion flags being outright bugged on release (such as the whole cast being a bit too horny, or Minthara simply not speaking her mind to the tune of 1,000 missing lines), there's been plenty of anxiety as to whether putting off Long Rests will have you missing out on all that juicy story content.

It's still receiving tweaks and adjustments, but the Camp Event Notifications mod by Kvalyr aims to fix that. "This mod regularly checks for pending/available 'Camp Night Events' and adds a floating exclamation point above your main character's head (similar to the one that shows on companions when they have something to say to you)."

Kalvyr also goes into some interesting detail about how the game prioritises its pillow talk: "When you Long Rest, the game looks at what events are waiting and eligible to be played, then chooses the one event with the highest priority. Only the one highest priority event is then played for a single night of rest. Other events are put back into 'the queue' until your next rest."

While I lack the technical knowhow to fully confirm this, it does grok with my general experience. In Act 3, I camped expecting an ally to return from their business—only to find they hadn't, the questline locked in stasis. When I long rested, a completely different scenario played out, postponing their return for another 24 hours. This led to me just slamming that Long Rest button a second time, which was a little immersion breaking.

Not to say that this mod would've fixed the priority—but that confusion might've been avoided if my "queue" wasn't all backed up. It's also somewhat of a halfway measure—I personally would prefer a less intrusive UI element, as it's not ideal for Astarion to look like a quest giver during important story beats. The poor thing's been through enough.

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