Worlds Adrift gameplay video is alpha, but promising

Worlds Adrift

Bossa Studios seemed a bit noncommittal when it announced Worlds Adrift late last year, but as time passes and the community's enthusiasm grows, the project looks to be a focus for the I Am Bread studio. The gameplay video above – the second this month – shows the open-ended multiplayer exploration game in action.

In the accompanying blogpost a studio spokesperson boasts that many of the project's initial hurdles have been cleared, but that there are many to come. "A lot of what we’re trying to do has never been done before, and all conventional wisdom tells us to turn back, so there’s a non-zero possibility some things just can’t be achieved.

"However, we’ve worked through most limitations we’ve come across so far, and we’re rather foolish people, so we’re confident we can knock down the rest—one at a time."

Meanwhile, Bossa has shed more light on what you'll actually be doing in Worlds Adrift when you're not leaping blindly from cliffs and, um, building gargantuan airships. Set in a persistent open world, the game has no explicit goals: there will be no quests, no NPCs, no levelling and no events. This means you can do whatever you damn well please, in the company of creatures that "eat, live and die" and trees with full growth cycles. Basically, you decide how you want to fit into the world.

The full blog post can be read over here, and it's well worth doing so if you're eager to see the project completed.

Shaun Prescott

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