World of Warships: win access to this weekend's test

World of Warships 2

The creators of World of Tanks are building their own multiplayer take on naval combat. Take command of a customisable aircraft carrier or seek out ships to sink as a nimble destroyer. Deploy smoke screens to shield your carriers, blast enemies with torpedoes and sing sea shanties over VOIP to annoy your enemies into submission (sea shanties optional).

World of Warships is having a closed beta test this weekend. Want in? Simply enter your email address into the box below and we'll email 1000 codes to randomly selected winners tomorrow.

The closed beta is scheduled to start on the evening of December 12 (and slightly later at midnight for Russian readers) and ends on December 14.

If you win a key, here's how to redeem it.

Step one

If you already have a ID, use it to log in.

If you don’t have a ID, follow these instructions to create one.

Step two

Follow the suitable link below:

Step three

Enter your invite code on World of Warships portal page and download the game client.

Good luck, and may the winds be with you, if that's a thing that sailors say.


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