World of Warplanes trailer features first in-game footage, dogfights aplenty

[VAMS id="RDW8s5ib6pbDX"]

Once upon a time, in an age before heatseeking missiles, people took to the skies in rickety aircraft clad in wafer thin armour and chased each other around the clouds, desperately hurling hot lead into their enemy's flight path in the vague hope of catching a wing. World of Warplanes will let you build up a hangar full of historical birds which you can customise and then take to the skies, filling the sweaty seat of those reckless airborne warriors, and all for free.

World of Warplanes is being built by the brains that made World of Tanks, the excellent free to play tank warfare sim. WoT packed oodles of complexity into its unlock system and tank setup systems. Each model had its own foibles, armour weaknesses and particular strengths. We can expect a similar level of detail from World of Warplanes, but its sky-based battles could potentially even win over those that were put off by WoT's trundling pace. You can sign up to participate in the global alpha now on the World of Warplanes page .

Tom Senior

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