World of Warplanes getting dragon support? Happy March Fools day!

World of Dragons thumbnail

I just recieved a press release from claiming that Dragons are about to appear in World of Warplanes . They've come to "prove you wrong," supposedly.

Are having a pre-April fools lol? Does the early press release mean we should give the announcement more credit? No. Warplanes are serious business but dragons aren't quite as serious. Also: everyone knows that putting Otawing in the level VI dragon clasification would render him completely OP. Click through for more images of dragons fighting planes, along with a dramatic teaser trailer.

“Adding dragons into World of Warplanes has been one of the most challenging aspects of game development so far,” said CEO Victor Kislyi. “Dragons are so different from planes; they are much more edgy and self-willed, but if you put in just a little more effort, they will serve you well. I'm happy we've finally announced them!”