World of Warcraft's Feast of Winter Veil includes a seasonal quest, decor, and more

The holiday have come to World of Warcraft, bringing the "fripperies, fineries, and delectable comestibles" of the Feast of Winter Veil to the war-riven realm of Azeroth. Running until January 2, the event will bring holiday quests to Orgrimmar and Ironforge, special seasonal gifts, and festive décor throughout the world.

Players of level 60 or higher will have the opportunity to recover stolen treats, free Metzen the Reindeer, and end the Abominable Greench's reign of terror in the Hillsbrad Foothills in the cleverly-named quest, "You're a Mean One," and dungeon bosses in the Broken Isles, Northrend, and beyond will drop a variety of holiday hats. According to Wowhead, which has a more detailed guide to the festivities, on the morning of December 25—Christmas Day—players will also be able to collect gifts of "seasonal, festival-only items" stashed under decorated trees. 

Perhaps 2018 will also be the year that World of Warcraft's warring factions are able to come together in battlefield fellowship akin to the famed Christmas truce of 1914: The cross-faction chat-enabling Elixir of Tongues, which was implemented in a recent update, gives players who drink it the ability to understand what the other side is saying—finally, after all these years, a real opportunity to talk it out. 

Andy Chalk

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