How to complete When Revenge Burns Green in World of Warcraft

WoW When Revenge Burns Green - a blood elf warlock stands before a large demon named Lord Banehollow
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The new When Revenge Burns Green warlock quest in World of Warcraft allows you to unlock additional pet customization options and apply them at the barber shop. This quest line involves a few steps but doesn't take too long—unless you're stuck dying to Lord Banehollow and his seemingly never-ending horde of summoned demons.

The WoW 10.1.5 update has added a variety of new activities to Blizzard's long-running MMO, including the new Time Rifts, which let you earn currency for cosmetics, and a quest that gives characters from each faction a free flying mount as part of the improvements made to learning the Riding Skill. 

So, if you're a warlock trying to unlock additional customization for your pets, I'll walk you through each quest step, including When Revenge Burns Green in World of Warcraft.

Warlock class quest steps 

This quest can be completed by any warlock that's level 30 and above. Go to your faction's capital city and look for Assistant Phineas, marked with a purple quest marker on the map. For Horde, Phineas is found in the Cleft of Shadow in Orgrimmar, for Alliance, he's in the Mage Quarter in Stormwind City.

Note: The final part of this quest chain isn't available in the live game yet but it should arrive in the coming weeks. 

Here are each of the steps you'll need to complete:

  • Speak to Assistant Phineas to pick up the quest Beginning Impositions. Get on the Dreadsteed carriage and ride to Darkmoon Faire to speak to Madam Shadow.
  • Pick up Wicked Things this Way Come, talk to the warlock initiates (marked on the map), and hand in.
  • Next, the quest Hermetic Insurance will ask you to use the extra action button on the three warlock initiates to complete the objective.
  • Hand that in then pick up Those who Hesitate and talk to Initiate Oman to the south, near the water, use the soulstone, then hand in the quest.
  • Pick up A Wolf Among Sheep and use the extra action button on a nearby critter, then head back to Madam Shadow to hand in.
  • Accept the Curses and Cultists quests and go and speak to the marked initiates near the carousel at the north end of Darkmoon Faire. Initiate Oman will then summon you to his location to the east.
  • Hand in the previous quest and pick up Fel Suspicions, then stand in the marked spot (a glowing circle with an arrow) and use the Eye of Kilrogg ability and move to the marked area to overhear Madam Shadow.
  • Pick up Last Rites by Accident and head through the portal to Burning Steppes. Go to the marked area and use the extra action button on the demon fighting the initiate. Now click on Oman's corpse on the ramp behind you. Head back to the area where you arrived to hand in the quest and pick up When Revenge Burns Green.

WoW When Revenge Burns Green: How to beat Lord Banehollow 

Once you've picked up When Revenge Burns Green from Initiate Oman in Burning Steppes, you'll see the quest is directing you to the Blasted Lands, in the southern region of the Eastern Kingdoms. Once you arrive at the area, you'll see Madam Shadow standing in front of an altar. As you approach, the fight will start and you'll need to defeat Lord Banehollow and his minions.

This is a hectic fight with plenty of smaller enemies to deal with. It's a good idea to be prepared before you enter the quest object area, so make sure you have healthstones at the ready, your voidwalker is summoned, and you've used Soulstone on yourself, just in case you run into serious trouble.

The biggest issue with this fight is the number of enemies you'll need to deal with and it's easy to get overrun if you're not dealing with them effectively. I found the most important thing to do was to prioritise using Subjugate Demon on the Pit Lord whenever it's summoned. It is likely to be one of the things that does the most damage to you, and so it's nice to have it on your side. You can use Banish Demon on the Felguards, or simply kill them as they don't have a tremendous amount of health.

You need to deal damage to Lord Banehollow to break his shield so it's important to try to focus that down as much as possible while dealing with everything else that's going on in this fight. Don't be afraid to use Fear at a pinch, and keep moving once the ground AoEs start—if you didn't have enough to deal with already.

It might take you a couple of tries to get it down, but this isn't too tough if you can keep the adds under control. Once you've dealt with Lord Banehollow, hand in the quest and you'll unlock the new Fiendish Imp customization at the barber shop.


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