World of Warcraft offers time-limited pet pack with 100% of the money going to humanitarian relief in Ukraine

World of Warcraft has released a new time-limited pet pack to support humanitarian relief in Ukraine, as the country fights the ongoing and illegal Russian invasion. Fronted by Hollywood actor Mila Kunis, herself a former Warcrafter, 100% of the proceeds from the pack's sales will go to BlueCheck, a Ukrainian collective of crisis response and aid organisations.

"[World of Warcraft] is the first gaming community I was ever a part of, with strangers that didn't really care who or what I was," said Mila Kunis. "It was so much fun and I loved being a part of it [...] I love the game, I love the people, and I love what people can do when they come together to find a common goal."

"Since the war in Ukraine began over a year ago, the need for humanitarian aid and support has been unrelenting," said Bluecheck co-founder Liev Schreiber. "BlueCheck directly supports vetted NGOs doing the work where it's needed, and we are thankful to the World of Warcraft community for helping us to help them [...] every dollar donated through the purchase of the Pet Pack for Ukraine will allow us to continue that work."

The pet pack contains a rather charming golden retriever called Sunny, and a little baby murloc called Flurky, who together share the color scheme of the Ukrainian flag. Flurky carries a sunflower, Ukraine's national flower, and leaves a colorful flower trail while wandering around. Both will only ever be available as part of this offer, can be used in both WoW and WoW Classic, and the pack will be on-sale until the end of August and costs $20/£18/€20. 

As well as the pet pack, Blizzard has added the option to donate to BlueCheck during this period while making any other WoW purchase: the prompt will appear when you go to checkout with any digital item.

"Thanks to our generous players, our charity pet program has raised millions of dollars over the years to help those in need when they need it, and the victims of the war in Ukraine need our help right now," said World of Warcraft executive producer Holly Longdale. "I know our incredible player community will step up and lead their pets around Azeroth with pride, knowing that their donation is going toward the life-saving work of BlueCheck Ukraine."

Rich Stanton

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