World of Warcraft is seven, free stuff for all players

World of Warcraft thumbnail

If World of Warcraft were an Indian child, it would have just reached the age of criminal responsibility. This is a round-about way of saying that World of Warcraft is seven years old. To celebrate the game being legally responsible for its actions - if it were an Indian child - developers and publishers Blizzard are giving away a “Celebration Package” item, according to their official blog and reported by our chums at CVG .

The item consists of a few fireworks, a “feat of strength” added to your achievements, a visual only tabard and a 7% bonus to experience and reputation gains while active. To get the package, you'll need to log in between now and 3 December. "It's been a truly incredible seven years, and we'd like to thank you all for joining us for yet another fantastic year," say Blizzard, adding a request that players "please observe all goblin and gnome fire hazard warnings and celebrate responsibly."