World of Warcraft: Eternity's End goes live on February 22

WoW Shadowlands 9.2
(Image credit: Blizzard)

After a very long wait, Eternity's End is almost here. Blizzard announced today that World of Warcraft's next big content update—and the last one for the Shadowlands expansion—will go live on February 22.

Patch 9.2, as it's more prosaically known, will feature a new zone called Zereth Mortis, "an otherworldly location that defies all concepts of reality or physics," with new World and Daily quests, a new World Boss, and new campaign chapters to work through. Naturally, there's also a new raid called Sepulchre of the First Ones, with 11 new bosses including Anduin Wrynn and a showdown with Zovaal the Jailer at the end.

Assisting your cause will be a new allied faction, the Enlightened, whose assistance will enable players to equip two legendary items simultaneously. With a catch, of course—one of those two items must be a new Covenant legendary belt that's being added in the patch.

The release of the 9.2 patch will also see the end of Shadowlands PvP season 2 and Mythic+ season 2. Mythic+ dungeons will still be playable using Season 2 affixes and rewards, and Mythic+ Ratings and seasonal achievements can still be earned—except for the 0.1% "Tormented Hero" title and achievement, which will be handed out "during the following weeks after the season ends." 

Eternity's End is a big deal, but an even bigger change will follow: Blizzard announced at the beginning of February that after years of undying enmity, a follow-on 9.2.5 patch will finally allow humans and orcs to fight together in raids and dungeons.

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