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World of Tanks update 8.3 lets Chinese hardware run loose

The first half of this trailer for the latest World of Tanks update looks exactly like a nature documentary. Watching as a herd of Chinese tanks roamed their natural habitat, I half expected them to start mounting each other while David Attenborough breathlessly enthused about their distinctive markings.

The second half? As is mandatory for all trailers, the second half goes a bit dubstep.


The 8.3 update is now live and adds 17 tanks in the new Chinese Tech Tree, including the WZ-111, the Type 59, and other improbable combinations of letters and numbers.

According to Wargaming, "Since the Chinese tanks, for the most part, are a hodgepodge of different parts, their role on the battlefield will be a special one. The biggest impact, as you can see from the tech tree , is that Chinese light tanks go all the way up to tier VIII which will increase the options of speedier tanks on the battlefield in higher tier matches."

"That's not to suggest that the other tank classes will be left out. In fact, mediums will be capable of inflicting serious damage thanks to their guns, and heavy tanks (in some cases) will actually have heavier armor than their Soviet counterparts."

The update also brings a huge selection of balance changes to the other nation's war machines. You can see the full list here .

Thanks, Strategy Informer .

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